Our vision

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The Picture Palace Campaign believes a new cinema will be a resource to improve the quality of life in and beyond Crystal Palace. Cinema mixes commerce and culture, art and entertainment. The right cinema provides something for everyone.

Our mission

We will work to bring the whole community together to support the development of a new cinema for Crystal Palace.

Underpinning principles


We support the establishment of a new cinema as a vehicle to drive forward the economic, social and cultural development of the Crystal Palace triangle. A new cinema will enhance the sustainability of the local evening economy and lead directly to general leisure, retail and environmental improvements within the immediate vicinity.


A new cinema will provide a much needed cultural asset for the whole community, regardless of their background or belief. A cinema will work with schools, colleges, lifelong learning programmes and community groups to increase the quality, range and amount of opportunities available for local residents.


A new cinema will be a means to build trade in existing businesses and stimulate new business activity. A cinema provides a focus for creative and media technology business and a wider resource for business and community usage, typically for meetings and small conferences.


A new cinema will be a unique asset providing the means for local people to gain access to and participate in audio visual culture. We want to build links with existing cultural and artistic activity in the area to create an inclusive cultural resource.