We‘d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated to the campaign and helped put on fundraising events.

Our main source of funds has come from donations in return for high quality merchandise like our Jane Shearman designed campaign t-shirts, hoodies, canvas eco-bags and badges. We have also held bring and buy sales, quiz nights and raffles; supporters have also put on events like the Bigger Picture Gallery’s online silent auction for ‘Big Yellow Field’ – an original painting by popular local artist Angelique Hartigan,  the fabulous Sphinx Dining Club at St John The Evangelist Church and The Transmitter’s ‘Have your Cake & Eat It’ event at the The Grape & Grain in 2010.

All money donated has been used for printing campaign material e.g. posters, objection cards and tens of thousands of leaflets. We also hosted the large public meeting at the Queens Hotel in October 2009 and hired coaches to take people to the planning committee meeting at Bromley in December 2009.

We hold a small reserve in our community bank account to ensure we have enough money to pay for our next print run and in case we need to pay for any legal advice on KICC’s latest proposals for change of use of 25 Church Road, when they are known.

To date, we have managed to secure free legal advice on planning and licensing issues.

We anticipate that we will need to do more fundraising this autumn when KICC’s planning application for change of use of 25 Church Road to a ‘Place of Worship’ is submitted, so if you have any ideas and would like to GET INVOLVED then we would love to hear from you.

We still have lots of our iconic campaign badges which you can pick up at Bookseller Crow on the Hill for a small donation and we have a limited number of campaign bags left which are available by contacting the campaign and for a donation of £5.