Proposals and a planning application

Grape and Grain/Bigger Picture Gallery proposal

Future Projections, suppliers, project managers and installers of cinema equipment, have applied for planning permission to Bromley Council to turn the Grape and Grain public house and the Bigger Picture Gallery in a two screen cinema. The main screen located in SG Smith/Bigger Picture Gallery would seat 203 people. The smaller cinema within the Grape and Grain would have 51 seats. Details of the application (2 Anerley Hill) can be found on Bromley’s planning website here:“>

Victory Place/Carberry Road proposal

St Aiden’s Group have put forward a proposal for a mixed use development with a 4 screen cinema at the Victory Place/Carberry Road site.  Planning permission has not been applied for just yet so this proposal is just on paper so far.  Further details can be seen in the latest edition of The Transmitter.

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