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All the latest news from the Picture Palace Campaign. We will be posting updates as they come in. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter.

Controversy over revived Upper Norwood bingo hall plans

Resurrected church plan falling on stony ground OPPOSITION is mounting following news that the Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) is reviving plans to use the former Gala bingo hall in Upper Norwood as a church. Previous plans to use the building, owned by KICC, as a church were rejected by Bromley Council in 2009. Now the Open […]

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Your comments on Kingsway International Christian Centre’s survey and proposals for change of use of 25 Church Road

A big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who took the time to contact the campaign, political representatives and Bromley planning with your comments on FORTY SHILLINGS, Kingsway International Christian Centre’s PR company’s survey and proposals for ‘change of use’ of 25 Church Road, the last remaining dedicated D2 ‘Assembly and leisure’ venue and only registered ‘Asset of Community Value’  in Crystal Palace. […]

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Change of use plans revealed for 25 Church Road – private briefing for political and ‘community’ stakeholders

The campaign has been forwarded details of a private briefing (pre-application consultation) on proposals for and tour of 25 Church Road for political and ‘community’ stakeholders which is being held on Monday and Tuesday 8/9 September prior to Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) submitting a new planning application. KICC have also set up 2 new websites for […]

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Your cinema memories – Going to the ‘Pictures’ in Upper Norwood

Cinema can evoke powerful memories, freeze framing moments in our lives and dropping us back into a time, a place or social situation. These memories can provide a rich source of historical and cultural information. They are fun to read too! We are collecting your cinema memories.  If you have any memories of going to the ‘Pictures’ in Upper Norwood then please […]

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A short movie about why we want a cinema

Remember this? The film, ‘A Cinema for Crystal Palace’, was made by Crystal Palace residents to show local support for a cinema. It was first shown to a hushed audience of nearly 1000 people at the Picture Palace Campaign public meeting held at the Queens Hotel on 18 October 2009. It includes some lovely memories from local […]

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At last, a new website!

Welcome to our new website. After months of umming and ahhing, we finally bit the bullet and asked Tim at Gunpowder Studios to build us a new website. It is still a work in progress. We want it to be as user friendly as possible, so if you have any feedback or suggestions please do get in touch by leaving […]

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