Do you want to get involved with fundraising for the campaign – Coming up soon a food, music and arts evening in Crystal Palace – Volunteers required

Volunteers are needed to help put on an event featuring great food and rousing entertainment from local artists, performers and musicians. We need set designers, art directors, prop makers to dress the space, waiters to work the floor, musicians to provide some beautiful music and any other performers who are interested in creating a night of magic.

About the current team –

Noreen Meehan is a local resident, ex-chef and event organiser for a not-for-profit organisation. She has lived in Crystal Palace for seven years and is passionate about putting the area on the map as a centre for the arts.
Jess and Laura Tilli are most famous as participants in the reality television show The Restaurant and also live in Crystal Palace. They run a catering business which provides fabulous food for parties, going organic and environmentally friendly wherever humanly possible.

Join us to create one of the best nights of the summer in Crystal Palace in support of a cause very close to our hearts.

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