Sample objection letter to No: 11/01541/FULL1 – Canopy and alterations to front elevation

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Dear Sirs,

I object to Planning Application No: 11/01541/FULL1 – Canopy and alterations to front elevation for the following reasons:

1.The applicant has failed to provide a full description of the proposed use of the building. It is unclear from the application which includes drawings showing an office, a waiting room, a Meeting Room; and a book shop together with signage called The Open Door (which is the name of the applicant’s new charity) how the building is to be used lawfully within the D2 entertainment use class.

The applicant’s proposals look remarkably similar to the application for change of use to a Place of Worship which was refused by the council in 2009 and suggest that the applicant is intending to use the building as a mixed use building which it does not have permission for.

This application and those associated with it (for landscaping and an advertisement board) should not be determined until further details of the use of the building have been provided by the applicant to ensure that these developments relate to the lawful use of the building, and the accumulative impact of these development proposals on the appearance and character of the Conservation Area have been fully considered.

2. The applicant’s proposals to destroy the original entrance and detailing of this 1928 art deco building (which has remained largely unaltered since 1928) by:

a) replacing it with full height modern glazed doors;

b) raising the canopy by 1334mm to the head of the opening;

c) replacing the blocked window opening at first floor level with uPVC ignoring the fact that the existing uPVC windows are unlawful developments and are out of character with an art deco building.

are a departure from the historic significance and intrinsic design and form of the building. The canopy should be retained in the same position as it always has been; the existing glazing on the lower floor should be retained and/or restored and/or replaced to match the original design intentions in suitable materials as should the existing wooden, panelled doors.

The uPVC windows in the upper floors should be removed as they are unlawful development and all windows replaced with windows in keeping with the original design and in materials in keeping with art deco architecture.

25 Church is a heritage asset in that it is the only 1920’s art deco cinema building in the district centre and sits within a Conservation Area which is also a designated heritage asset.

The ill considered alterations to this heritage building are damaging to the architectural integrity and form of the building and the positive contribution this landmark art deco entertainment building makes to the conservation area. The proposals are therefore detrimental to the character and appearance of the conversation area and fail to comply with Bromley UDP Policies BE11, BE13 and BE21 and CPP Supplementary Planning Guidance

3. The applicant’s proposed acrylic signage and its location above the proposed canopy is neither in keeping with the scale, form and character of the building, nor does not preserve or enhance the building and therefore impacts on the character and appearance of the conservation area and is in contravention of Bromley UDP Policy BE21.

To conclude:

The applicant has missed a unique opportunity to restore 25 Church Road to its former glory. The refusal of the applicant over the past two years to consult with the local community and to find out why this building is so important for the social, economic and cultural regeneration of the Triangle is reflected by the applicant’s failure to include in its proposals good quality design and a sympathetic restoration which would preserve and enhance the importance of the architecture and history of this landmark building to our shared heritage. It also shows a complete lack of understanding of the positive contribution to the conservation area and the district centre which this building makes as the only D2 Art Deco cinema in the area.

For the above reasons the application should be refused.

Yours faithfully,


Your ward councillors

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