Sample objection letter to No: 11/01663/ADV – Non illuminated wall mounted advertisement display board

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Dear Sirs,

I wish to object to Planning Application No: 11/01663/ADV – Non illuminated wall mounted advertisement display board for the following reasons:

1.The applicant has failed to provide a full description of the proposed use of the building. It is unclear from the application which includes drawings showing an office, a waiting room, a Meeting Room; and a book shop together with signage called The Open Door (which is the name of the applicant’s new charity) how the building is to be used lawfully within the D2 entertainment use class.

The applicant’s proposals look remarkably similar to the application for change of use to a Place of Worship which was refused by the council in 2009 and suggest that the applicant is intending to use the building as a mixed use building which it does not have permission for.

This application and those associated with it (for canopy and external alterations and landscaping) should not be determined until further details of the use of the building have been provided by the applicant to ensure that these developments relate to the lawful use of the building, and the accumulative impact of these development proposals on the appearance and character of the Conservation Area have been fully considered.

2. The proposed advertisement display board (Billboard) in non-traditional materials, mounted high at first floor level on the exposed flank wall of the cinema building, is prominent, large and also unnecessary for the applicant’s business and is therefore at complete variance with Bromley’s long-established policies for this area. In particular the guidance states that new and replacement signs should be designed in a way that minimises their adverse impact they should not be displayed at first floor level or above, especially on exposed flank walls.

3. The proposed advertisement is visually intrusive to the residential properties which sit in the Conservation Area on the opposite side of Church Road.

4. The applicant, which is a church, has failed in its application to explain why this huge billboard is necessary to advertise its business which is religion.

To conclude:

Since designating the conservation area, the council has been largely successful in removing the clutter of advertisements along Church Road, including on the former wood yard at the corner of Milestone Road (now flats built by Buxton Homes), the large board on the flank wall of the Crystal Palace Hotel (what is now Noodle Time), and the huge illuminated sign in the grounds of the Grape & Grain at the corner of Anerley Hill.

Whilst I approve of the applicant’s decision to remove the three huge billboards at ground level, I strongly object to the reintroduction of a new billboard at first floor level which will be detrimental to the architectural integrity of the building, visually intrusive to the residents opposite and will detract from the appearance and character of the conservation area. The billboard is in direct contravention of Bromley UDP Policy BE21 and the CCP Conservation Area SPG.

For the above reasons the application should be refused.

Yours faithfully,


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