Guidance for making an objection

It is best for each objector to write in their own words why they object to this proposal. Objections can be made on-line to Bromley Planning (maximum 6,000 characters) or sent by letter. The Crystal Palace Triangle Planning Group (CPTPG) have suggested reasons for refusal and some examples of these reasons can be seen in samples of letters already sent to Bromley by members of the Cinema Campaign and other local residents. The Planning Group have also produced a pro-forma letter and a postcard setting out the basic heads of objection, that can be signed and sent or taken to Bromley Planning.

Towards the end of the consultation period, the Planning Group will send a fully argued and comprehensive letter of objection to Bromley Planning, making use of evidence gathered during the consultation and linking to planning policies and regulations.  In the period between the end of formal consultation and the Council making a decision on the application, CPTPG will continue to present fresh evidence to the Council. In the event of the applicant appealing against refusal or conditional permission, the Group will support the Council by presenting any further evidence that comes to light, and appearing as witness at the Public Inquiry or informal hearing.

However you object, you must include your name and address. Anonymous comments will not be accepted. You should also send a copy to your ward councillor (your representatives’ details can be found here). Croydon have requested copies of objections to inform their response (this is especially important for Croydon residents); the Head of Planning Control for Croydon is . And finally, please send a copy to us at .

1. Objecting by letter
example letters.  Your letter should be personalised and reflect your views of the issues; the example letters are only there to get you started.  Send your letter to Bromley Planning or you can leave it at Bookseller Crow or Bambino for bulk delivery. If you wish to make a fully-argued case, this is the only practical way to do it, whether on paper or by email to . The case officer can paste emailed objections directly into his report (provided the council’s IT network is not down again).

2. Objecting on-line
For a short objection, use the online system. The easiest way to get on to Bromley’s Planning website is to go through the
public access Application Search, then paste in the application number 09/02202/FULL1.  There are two radio buttons: I am a local resident; I live outside the area. What they actually mean is I am a Bromley resident; I live outside LB Bromley. Bromley residents can select their address from a drop-down list; others will have to type in their address. In either case you need to supply your name and address, and preferably also your phone number and email (a copy of your comments will be sent to this email address). On-line comments are limited to a maximum length of 6,000 characters; you are advised to draft your objection using Notepad, WordPad, Word or other word processing software and then paste it into the comments section on the website and retain a back-up copy.

3. Objecting pro-forma letter or postcard
The Cinema Campaign have produced a
pro-forma letter and will be making a postcard available for those who do not wish to write or email a fully-argued objection themselves.  The postcard will be distributed by volunteers and it will also be available at the next campaign meeting at 7.30 pm on 24th September at the Grape and Grain.  Delivery arrangements as for the letters.

4. Public meetings and demonstrations
The Cinema Campaign committee are working on a programme of public meetings, demonstrations and rallies to indicate the strength of support for the cinema.

Some examples of objection letters already sent by members of the community can be found here

Remember that objections should be submitted by 1st October.