Thanks to hundreds of objections from residents and traders, KICC’s latest planning applications were all refused by Bromley council on 16 November 2011 – Thank you!

Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) has applied to Bromley council for planning permission to carry out external works at 25 Church Road.

We all know that KICC has continually failed to consult or take any regard of our views or explore with us which D2 entertainment uses would “most benefit the whole community”, despite repeated requests.

We believe this failure to consult has contributed to KICC misunderstanding the importance and contribution of this landmark heritage building to the Conservation Area and the town centre.

KICC’s proposals include making substantial and ill-considered alterations to the art deco facade of the building, alterations which in the words of Bromley’s Advisory Panel for Conservation Areas “fail to respect the architectural integrity of the building”.

KICC is also proposing to install a huge advertising hoarding on the side of the building which will also be detrimental to the integrity of the building and harmful to the character and appearance of the Conservation Area which is a designated heritage asset.

25 Church Road is the best and only example in Crystal Palace of an art deco cinema. It has architectural and historical merit, particularly in its detailing. It is part of our shared heritage and has remained largely unaltered since 1928.

KICC has a unique opportunity to restore 25 Church Road back to its “former glory” and make it a showpiece and benchmark for good design and conservation for Church Road and the town centre. Once the building has been badly and unsympathetically restored another piece of our heritage will have been lost forever!

This is why we are asking Bromley council to refuse these applications, and would also urge you to object to them too. The latest applications appear to be part of the final preparations by KICC to commence operations at 25 Church Road, following significant internal structural work.

We are aware that other local groups share our concerns and will also be objecting.

For the reasons we set out above we believe there are very good reasons to object, both as a matter of principle and on planning and conservation grounds. In particular we believe it is imperative that Crystal Palace residents and traders use the opportunity to object as a means:

(a) To mark disapproval of KICC’s failure to recognise the importance of this landmark building to our town centre; and

(b) To send a clear message that we expect KICC to honour its promise of consulting with local residents.

The campaign of objection should continue until such time as KICC recognises that our views and wishes can no longer be ignored and a full and proper community consultation must be undertaken.

The Picture Palace Campaign and the Crystal Palace Triangle Planning Group are preparing detailed objections to these applications but we would urge you to demonstrate the strength of feeling by sending Bromley your own views.

Details of how to object and sample objections can be found on our drop down menu – PLANNING OBJECTIONS