A short movie about why we want a cinema

Remember this? The film, ‘A Cinema for Crystal Palace’, was made by Crystal Palace residents to show local support for a cinema. It was first shown to a hushed audience of nearly 1000 people at the Picture Palace Campaign public meeting held at the Queens Hotel on 18 October 2009.

It includes some lovely memories from local resident Joan Tindall who worked at the Granada cinema as an usherette in the 1950’s. She can remember when there were two cinemas on Church Road.

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  1. JanHodgson January 21, 2015 at 12:01 pm #

    I belonged to the Saturday Children’s Club in 1949/1950. It was fantastic. The cinema used to be full of excited children
    . We enjoyed serials and children’ s shows, , Roy Rogers, and singalongs, and sang enthusiasrcally “We’re The Soldiers of The King” which was our club song.
    I learned the joy of being in a big happy place, with a lot of happy children (no adults allowed) and have subsequently tried to recreate social fun and entertainment, as I know how very exciting that cinema was. I was six, seven, and eight years old.

    I think children sould love to experience such a place again. We used to have a compere, and magic acts, and sometimes a small giveaway. Our parents paid a small club fee (yearly I think) and it was cheap entertainment for us.

    I used to live in Belvedere Road, but we emigrated to Australia in September 1950, and I always felt homesick for my home and the shopping inChurch Street. Mum used to buy flour and sugar and other things out of sacks in a grocery shop diagonally across from the theatre. I often go on the web to drench myself in the nostalgia of my very happy childhood inUpper Norwood, and my sense of identity has proven very grounding throughout my lifetime. I hope there is enough support for another wonderful community like the one we children enjoyed. (My maiden name was Janet Ward 11.9.1942)

    • Cinema Campaign January 22, 2015 at 1:10 am #

      Wow! What wonderful recollections Janet. Thank you so much for sharing. We’ll put them up on our Facebook page too. Going to the cinema really is fun for all the family but especially for children. We really hope we can bring that back that magic you have so emotionally described to Crystal Palace.It would be so great to have a cinema back in Upper Norwood/CP. Stay in touch.

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